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Growing up in the 70's & 80's, I was always a big fan of comic books, baseball cards & movies, let's face it, we didn't have much more than that. I was inspired by comic artists George Perez & John Byrne. For baseball cards I was a fan of the Donruss Diamond King cards by Dick Perez & there were so many great movies that I still love to this day. 

So being able to draw for a living, the things that I loved growing up is really a dream come true.

I started my illustration career at Marvel Comics in 1994, working on popular characters the X-Men, Captain America  & Fantastic Four.  In 1997 I worked in advertising doing storyboards & pitch art for Universal Studios theme park opening ,which  featured  Marvel characters. From 2000-2004, I produced over 25 custom comics for MLB & NBA franchises, including the Yankees & Mets, for promotional giveaways at stadiums.  I  continue to work on some of the hottest  properties  today including the Walking Dead, Marvel, DC, Star Wars & MLB  for the top card companies today. I've been regularly commissioned by The Topps Company since 2007  to illustrate art for their  MLB , NFL & NBA  card brands & their entertainment division, including Star Wars. MLB: Museum Collection &  Allen & Ginter  brands. I 've been featured in the Beckett Sports card monthly annual " the Art Issue "  for 5 years and was spotlighted in the Sept 2014 issue.

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